Saturday, December 25, 2010


You really cannot get the real feel for this picture because it isn't a movie and you can't see my flashing stars on my hat. We are fixing three meals for the missionaries today as I gave the cooks the day off. For breakfast we did pancakes, eggs, bacon etc., for lunch turkey and all the fixings, and for dinner (because we have Italians), pasta fetticini and spagetti. It is going to be great. I got ties and aprons (which in my case are about the same--each catches the food that falls off my mouth). We are livin' the life. Merry Christmas to all.
Mike is doing great. It is so good to have him here.

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Cali said...

This made me so happy, as I feel I have seen you today! Love that you are holding the calendar, that means you guys loved it...also, I see the byu shirt I sent. Love you and miss you so much. I am glad Mike is there.