Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cordoba Spain

What a beautiful day and a beautiful place. Here Columbus met to arrange the financing for his trip. Here the Moslems built a house of prayer that could accomodate 40,000 worshippers at the same time. Here the Jews maintained the right to worship long after the same was discontinued in other places.

The streets are narrow and very old. Connie found a purse that I talked her into buying. She loves these kinds of purses.

The Mezquita is enormous. It was started around 650 AD and now is a Catholic Cathredal, but about half of it's life it was a Moslem mosque.

We took the AVE, 200 mph train and were there in 2 hours. We came back the same day. Notice please the new hat.


Angelique said... look great!

ashleyboice said...

Love the bag (mom really does love those kind of bags) and the hat...although I can't tell it's new because it looks a lot like other hats you have had in my life time.

Earl Family said...

You two look real skinny. What's the secret?

PS. Love the hat (and the bag)