Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Doug Story

This is our latest group of Italians going to Italy. They are sisters Laratro, Modugno, Elders Pedreira, teacher Bruno, Botalla, Kafel, Romeo, Squarcia, and Sisters Silva and Giordano. Sister Silva was baptized in Lima Peru by my missionaries Elders Patrick Brannelly and Todd Christensen in 1989. Twenty two years later she is now 32 and going on a mission. She is the second lady missionary that we have trained that was baptized by my missionaries, the other being sister Guerra from Huancayo who is serving in Spain. The world of the Church is tightly related.


Earl Family said...

I keep thinking how cool it must be to be around these missionaries all the time. To have the gospel so much a part of everyday life. We are so proud of you.

duke of earl said...

That truly is a miracle seeing how she was baptized 44 years ago and she is only 32 years old. (Probably 1987)