Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jorgensen and Jorgensen

Ken and Marilynne Jorgensen just finished their mission to Ghana and are on their way home via Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. They really were not expecting Spain to be so European and we loved showing them our beautiful MTC, temple grounds, City of Madrid and as shown here Segovia. Spain is filled with castles, cathedrals, forts, quaint streets and shopping areas and we love it. They were so positve and easy to be around. The look on their face as they had a green salad (the first in 18 months) and were able to eat some of the good food that we have here, was picture worthy. They were loving Spain and even the cold. Each day we bought one more piece of clothing so that they could keep warm. They are getting back to normal but will be forever changed by having served in Africa. Ken said to me: "I like to see people with a little color. All of us look so washed out." They were only here from Monday to Friday morning but we really loved having them here. The last picture is a picture of Elder Tavares and Brito from Cape Verde. When Steve and Barbara were here, Ben left his very nice and warm coat. They called over and rather than sending it to them, they asked me to give it to a needy missionary. I waited until the Cape Verde missionaries came and I gave it to Elder Brito on the left. However, he knew that elder Tavares was much poorer than he was and was in much more need of the coat and like a good district leader watching over his little flock, he immediately gave it to Elder Tavares. Tavares wears it everywhere and loves it. Thank you Jorgensens (both couples for the kind of people that you are.)