Saturday, September 10, 2011


You will recognize the Cristus and it is everything that we thought it would be. The 12 apostles are on either side of the church and we were told that the visitor's center at the Italy temple will have an exact reproduction of these same 12. Copenhagen is incredible. Everyone speaks English and we stayed in a Marriott on the wharf. We went out to the King's summer palace to see the Carl Bloch paintings. We also had a canal tour, ate on the 25th floor of the Radison. Our Area Presidency were wonderful hosts, speakers and gave us much. Elder Bednar and his wife spent part of the day with us and we were well motiviated and fed. I did not put that this was a mission thing because it gets picked up on the news.

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My maternal grandfather is from Denmark and Vickie and I plan to go there one day. Great post!