Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pablo Albarracin and Family

You can all remember the story of Pablo Albarracin. This is his son, also named Pablo. Forty two years ago, Elder Ray McCrite and I baptized some of the Albarracin family. Elder Noble replaced me and baptized some of them too. One of them was a young 9 year old boy Pablo Albarracin. Twenty years later when I was a mission president, Pablo called my office without knowing it was me and directed me to his house to baptize the rest of his family. Over the period of a couple of weeks I realized who had called and Jason and I visited that family (who lived in the North Mission) and the rest of the family that we had not baptized in 1968 because they were too young, were also baptized. As a perpetual Education Missionary, Connie and I finally met Pablo Albarracin as we were leaving. He told us that his son, Pablo, lived in Madrid. We were finally able to hook up yesterday and they came and ate with us. The baby, Lucia, belongs to Pablo. The others are his step children. He married a Lima Peru native that had 3 children. She and the children have joined the church and he is the ward clerk in Torrejon, Madrid. What a wonderful experience to meet the third generation of someone you have baptized. We baptized his grandparents, his dad and now he has a child.

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Peggy Dee said...

That really is cool to see the influence through the generations!